The line of truth and democracy


Didn’t these extrajudicial killings amount to state sponsored organized crime? What nepotist role has Duterte’s own son been assigned in this game, with impunity? The questions seem strange and disturbing when a war on drugs is slowly unfolding.

Ressa is the “Last Woman Standing”, the one who holds the mirror of the Duterte regime. She is the link that also binds the film. An unbreakable woman, an uncompromising journalist. The prizes she wins for this are smear campaigns, several legal cases – from cyber defamation to tax evasion – filed as a means to harass and silence her, and two rounds of jail time to boot.

A right upon returning from New York after attending the Time 100 conference as one of the magazine’s 2018 Personality of the Year award.

Wiese brings together news footage, street scenes with interviews not only of Ressa and other journalists, but also victims of Duterte’s politics, his hidden political opponents, and even masked contract killers employed by the State to carry out its inhuman orders. It’s a horrific thriller that takes us to the edge of the siege while also reminding us that the toolkit, the playbook or whatever you can call it, of autocratic governance is the same everywhere.

Our leaders have the same style, Ressa tells Trump’s America: they are macho, misogynist, sexist and populist. “They use anger and fear to divide and conquer. They create and live a policy of hatred, ”she said. Words that sound. All are also afraid of journalists, a fear which is masked by aggressiveness and arrogance, contempt and lack of communication of any kind and an attempt to silence the truth and the messenger.

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