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Burylo stated that self-regulatory bodies as well as securities regulators demand brokers to establish business continuity plans to ensure clients are serviced without interruption, even in the event of an emergency. 

This is “a excellent message to us advisors, If they request this from the dealer, it might be something you could ask your own, “he suggested.

He added that analyzing the language in FP Canada’s standard of practice could also provide an “very convincing” argument for having continuity plans and succession plans to safeguard clients.

Burylo was the moderator of a session on September 23 that focused on the connection between business continuity and ethics as well as succession plans for advisers, at the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners (IAFP) Virtual Symposium 2021. The most basic continuity plan is known as contingency planning Burylo said. Succession planning is about advisers retirement and transfer of their books.

The advisors who do not have plans should acknowledge the negative outlook as well as the potential consequences of not making plans in advance.

“Clients might find it funny that professionals with a mission to assist others in preparing for their retirement… as well as an issue with their health that might be a problem, which a majority of us are unable to. Plan to ourselves, “said Burylo.

Planning consultants must ensure that they’re doing it in a manner that is compliant in particular when it comes to arranging the processing of the data of customers.

The majority of advisors understand that information about clients cannot be divulged to anyone else without consent from the client. “Yet what I’ve observed is when advisors begin considering things such as the succession plan, they consider who might purchase their business book and then have discussions about the book” and the worth of the book can be made public. Burylo. Burylo.

Because advisers might not want to inform clients prematurely about their plans to leave and, as he said “there are instances that advisers are able to share information about their clients” without their consent.

“From an ethical standpoint is there an established procedure to inform a customer that at some point during the relationship, certain details could be disclosed for the purpose of a business continuity or succession plan?” Activities ? Burylo asked.

He also highlighted the importance of evaluating the knowledge, qualifications and long-term customer service capabilities as well as the general characteristics of prospective book buyers.

“It’s difficult to gauge the character of a person,” he said, however, a person’s honesty and the ability to deliver on their customers is crucial.

While it might seem overwhelming, simply beginning the planning process can aid in maintaining the trust of your customers.


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