Software Company Says Customer Data Remained Secure During Hacker Attack


Spend management solutions provider Proactis Holdings says customer data was not stolen in a cybersecurity incident.

Wetherby’s listed company today has reported that forensic investigations into the incident first detected on Sunday May 16 are now complete.

He adds: “Investigations confirm that none of the client systems were compromised and only a very small amount of low-level internal, non-commercially sensitive data, limited to a stand-alone service-based business unit in the United States, was viewed by the authors.

“The effectiveness of the network segregation we put in place played a key role in protecting us during the incident.

“The company confirms that there will be no significant financial impact on Proactis as a result of the incident.

The company will continue to work with relevant regulators and law enforcement agencies, including the Office of the Information Commissioner, to ensure any required follow-up action takes place.

Tim Sykes, CEO of Proactis, said: “Our response to this cyber incident has been very professional, putting our customers and employees first at all times. Our strong business continuity plans have worked well.

“We also remain grateful that our network segmentation and the broader monitoring of our IT infrastructure have limited the impact of this incident on our business at large. “

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