Secure and modernize your IT infrastructure with Dell EMC HCI

Now over ever, businesses need fast and reliable performance for application solutions. Hyperconverged infrastructure, or HCI, paves the way for the secure, modern infrastructure that drives business transformation.

That’s according to Chris Larkins, Enterprise Business Unit Manager at Tarsus, South Africa’s leading ICT distributor. Larkins says HCI simplifies management, reduces costs, and consolidates resources because it combines compute, storage, and networking in a single system.

He says the amount of data flooding today’s businesses from multiple sources, combined with a slew of new applications running in enterprise environments, creates complexity and vulnerabilities, leaving organizations open to cyberattacks. “Every business needs to adapt its digital foundation, to ensure it evolves with the environment and drives IT and business agility.”

That’s where HCI comes in, says Larkins. “It enables organizations in all industries to modernize their infrastructure, transform their security posture, and extend their hybrid cloud environments in a cost-effective, low-risk, and easy-to-manage way.”

According to Larkins, the current maxim is that IT has become a differentiator for organizations at all levels. “However, the number of applications and environments that today’s IT teams must manage is skyrocketing. Increased adoption of public clouds and the progressively distributed nature of business applications make it harder for IT practitioners to ensure consistent experiences and operations while improving agility across a range of infrastructures.

Additionally, he says, organizations are under increasing pressure to do more, with less and to cut costs. However, the infrastructure, including storage, must continue to grow dramatically every year to handle the burgeoning data and ever-increasing number of applications. cases and apps and reduces app storage demands is now.


Today’s cyber adversaries are more determined than ever and their tools are becoming more complex and sophisticated. “Add to that the wide variety of new attack vectors enabled by remote workers and it’s easy to see why organizations are scrambling to contain threats. At the same time, traditional security measures fail to protect organizations. They are too slow and resource intensive and cannot hope to keep pace with such a rapidly changing threat landscape.

With HCI, companies can benefit from flexible, application-designed intrinsic safety, instead of traditional, rigid and outdated safety. Additionally, it has simple to operationalize policies, which have become an essential weapon in the war against highly sophisticated threat actors and attack vectors.

“However, not all HCIs are created equal, and business leaders need the right technology partner to help them deploy the right technology solutions that will deepen customer engagement, improve partner relationships and galvanize new revenue models. The right partner will help you improve your digital platform and drive even more efficiencies to meet your business innovation goals. »

Dell Technologies hyperconverged infrastructure ensures that all critical data center functions such as compute, storage, virtualization and network management run in a tightly integrated software layer, dramatically simplifying delivery services that at one time required specially designed hardware. work, explains Larkins.

VxRail offers features unlike any other offering, delivering benefits such as repeatable system-wide upgrade testing to ensure clusters are in committed states all the time

“Called VxRail, the solution integration accelerates data center modernization, integrating with an organization’s existing IT investments, saving time, reducing operational expenses, and arming organizations with the only fully integrated, pre-configured and pre-tested HCI solution available.

In fact, he says, the most compelling benefit offered by VxRail is that it’s been integrated, optimized, tested, and validated so businesses don’t have to do these things themselves.

“VxRail offers unique features, providing benefits such as reproducible full-system upgrade testing to ensure clusters are in validated states at all times. The result is an optimized and targeted operational experience with lower risk. If we look at what went into its development, there were 25,000 hours of testing per release on top of existing hardware testing, $60 million in lab investments, and more than 100 engineers dedicated to testing.

He says he also has end-to-end automated lifecycle management, which greatly simplifies IT operations with fully automated updates from one known good state to the next, on the go. entire software and hardware stack. “Additionally, VxRail helps enterprises begin their journey to hybrid clouds, opening a quick and easy path, which also includes full stack integration.”

mission critical

It also enables organizations to optimize IT infrastructure costs by running mission-critical workloads on a high-performance consolidated platform that delivers improved reliability, functionality, and performance for applications. “Day-to-day operational work for IT teams is reduced with things like one-touch deployment and automated patches and updates, freeing them up for higher-value activities.”

It also reduces the costs and risks that arise from unplanned outages by decreasing the frequency and duration of unplanned outages and improving the business’s ability to back up, protect and recover data. Ultimately, it adds to the bottom line, ensuring technical teams can support expansion efforts, as well as more efficient and productive development cycles, Larkin says.

For more information on Dell’s hyperconverged infrastructure solutions and to partner with professionals to define and design a solution that meets the needs of your organization’s goals, contact Distribution of the tarsus today.

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