Schneider Electric announces the release of a three-phase inverter


Schneider Electric, a leader in digital transformation, power management and automation, has announced the launch of its Galaxy ™ VL 200-500 kW (400V / 480V) three-phase inverter (UPS) for industrial applications. Available worldwide, the newest addition to the Galaxy family offers a highly efficient and rugged compact UPS with up to 99% efficiency in the patented ECOnversion ™ mode, delivering a full return on investment in two years (depending on the model) for critical applications within industrial facilities. Schneider Electric will unveil this new Galaxy VL for industrial applications at staggered times around the world.

With Galaxy VL, Schneider Electric introduces “Live Swap”, a pioneering feature that offers a contactless design throughout the process of adding or replacing power modules while the UPS is online and fully operational, this that offers improved business continuity and no unplanned downtime. In addition, Live Swap’s tactile safety design provides added protection for employees who no longer have to transfer the UPS to maintenance bypass mode or battery operation when inserting or removing power modules. .

“The Galaxy VL was designed to reduce the voltage stress on the PN junction, which causes system failure for most inverters. Typically, this equipment (UPS) is resilient to failure. It doesn’t break down easily, ”said Morris Nmor, Business Director, Schneider Electric.

“You can maximize uptime, reliability and uptime for power continuity with the Galaxy VL UPS in your data center.

You can therefore evolve as you go from a power supply module of 50 kilowatts to 500 kilowatts per unit; You can pay as you grow and lower your total cost of ownership, Nmor said. He added that with the VL inverter, you can do a live swap without scheduled downtime, you can add or swap power modules while keeping your inverter online and your staff protected.

The average market footprint is 1.6m2 while that of the Galaxy VL is 0.8m2, maximizing space for all data centers. The Galaxy VL was designed with large data centers and colocation providers in mind. The Galaxy VL can run on lithium-ion batteries, further reducing the footprint and total load of the data center facility.

The operational efficiency the customer gets is 99% +, he said. “What it does is save energy and ultimately costs for the customer. “

The new VL UPS can ensure a return on investment in two years or less, reducing operating costs, which means more business, especially for large enterprises with large data centers, Nmor said.

According to Schneider Electric, the main benefits of the new Galaxy VL include maximized space for critical production equipment. The Galaxy VL is the most compact UPS in its class, 50% more compact than the market average at 0.8 m2, meeting the demand for uninterruptible power in industrial environments with limited space. Additionally, Galaxy Lithium Ion Battery Cabinets offer up to 70% total space savings over VRLA battery solutions.

It has a rugged design for harsh environments – high operating temperatures up to 40 ° C, dust filters, compliant coating on critical PCBA boards and protection of the earthquake system; saves money. Galaxy VL’s modular and scalable platform lets you pay as you grow, reducing CapEx investments, operating costs, power consumption and total cost of ownership. The power can be changed instantly in 50 kW increments from 200 to 500 kW without additional bulk.

The new Galaxy also achieves sustainability goals. Up to 99% efficiency in ECOnversion mode for a total return on investment in two years in energy savings (€ 26,280 in annual electricity savings) 2. As a Schneider Electric Green Premium product, it includes the option for long-life lithium-ion batteries.

Another advantage is that it benefits from increased reliability thanks to EcoStruxure: by connecting Galaxy VL to EcoStruxure, Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable and IoT-compatible architecture and system platform, industrial operators can benefit from the software. and EcoStruxure ™ IT services. These EcoStruxure offerings allow customers to monitor, manage and model their IT infrastructure and get technical support 24/7, anytime, anywhere. The Galaxy VL is available worldwide and can be purchased directly from Schneider Electric.

Determined to ensure that power is supplied at a constant and acceptable voltage, current and frequency, Schneider Electric announced in May that it has added new features to three of its existing inverters to enhance the customer experience.

These characteristics are vital for Nigerian consumers, as the power supply interrupted remains a common problem in Nigeria. A power surge is also common, a temporary increase in voltage on a power line, usually 10 to 35% above normal voltage and can last from a few milliseconds to several minutes; and spikes, a dramatic increase in voltage lasting less than 3 nanoseconds.

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