NOTAMs change and we change with them

With some stories, you know how to prepare for the flak as soon as they are published.

So was our report on the latest changes to the old Airmen Notice System for the collection and dissemination of critical data to pilots and other users of the National Airspace System.

All gender-related hand twists are just that, in my opinion.

The report mentioned a list of needed improvements to the system, including better alignment with ICAO terminology, but that was not what readers focused on, at least in their comments.

The “big” change was in the meaning of the abbreviation “NOTAM” to extend to all air operations, including drone “missions”. NOTAM now stands for “Notice to air missions”. NOTAM is not a true acronym, but it takes a lot less work to keep the abbreviation stable while adjusting its meaning to suit the times. We have done this recently as an industry with the evolution of the CAF from “Confederate” to “Memorial Air Force”.

All gender-related hand twists are just that, in my opinion. Be happy that it’s more inclusive. Accept the broad core definition and move on. Continue to use the same NOTAM reference and the same turn of phrase that you have always used.

This is a simple update to our style guide on FLYING as far as I can understand, with no change in the abbreviation “NOTAM” or what it means. Our Google Doc is already revised to meet the new “mission”. It took me about 20 seconds. The FAA and related agencies have a little more work to do, but it’s not like we’re typing physical characters on a printing press anymore… a global “find and replace” can take care of. many things.

And so, the change includes more people – pilots, remote pilots and operators – as a result. Great. Times change and we evolve with them.

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