Neuronetics files federal lawsuit against Brainsway for misleading psychiatrists and patients


MALVERN, Pa., May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Neuronetics, Inc. (NASDAQ:STIM), a commercial-stage medical technology company focused on the design, development and commercialization of products that improve the quality of life of patients who suffer from neurological disorders, today announced the filing of a federal lawsuit in the District of Delaware against Brainsway Ltd. and Brainsway USA Inc. for unfair competition under Lanham and state law.

In the lawsuit, the company claims that, for commercial gain, Brainsway grossly misrepresented efficacy data for treating anxious depression with NeuroStar Advanced Therapy for Mental Health. Specifically, the company argues that Brainsway manipulated NeuroStar’s effect size by presenting an endpoint representing incomplete treatment. Brainsway then compared these results to inappropriately aggregated data from three disparate studies using Brainsway devices with effect sizes derived from full cycles of therapy. The company alleges that Brainsway’s manipulated presentation of these results misled clinicians and patients about the effectiveness of NeuroStar. As part of the litigation, Neuronetics seeks an injunction as well as damages.

“Neuronetics considers strong, high-quality data to be the cornerstone for conducting TMS as a mainstream treatment for mental health disorders. We have made a significant investment to develop a strong body of clinical evidence and believe we have the best data in the industry,” said Keith J. Sullivan, President and CEO. He added, “We will vigorously defend ourselves against the misinterpretation of the effectiveness of NeuroStar TMS, the damage it causes to our business, and the confusion it causes to healthcare professionals and their patients. We look forward to pursuing this case in federal court and beginning to correct this serious mischaracterization of our efficacy data beginning this week at the annual meeting of the Clinical TMS Society in Chicago.

About Neuronetics
Neuronetics, Inc. believes that mental health is as important as physical health. As the world leader in neuroscience and the industry’s largest TMS company, Neuronetics is redefining patient and physician expectations by designing and developing products that improve the quality of life for people with psychiatric disorders. An FDA-approved non-drug, non-invasive treatment for people with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, NeuroStar from Neuronetics® The Advanced Therapy System is the leading transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment for major depressive disorder today with over 4.3 million treatments administered. NeuroStar is extensively researched and backed by the largest clinical data set of any TMS system for depression, including the world’s largest registry of depression outcomes. Neuronetics is committed to transforming lives by delivering exceptional treatment that produces extraordinary results. For safety information and directions for use, visit

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