McLennan County at Risk of Losing Unspent Federal Rent Assistance Funds | Local government. and politics

Karnowski said he and his fiancee have been struggling since they both caught COVID-19 last month.

Karnowski missed several weeks of work in October as a helping hand to a welder, the stage between an apprentice and a journeyman. His fiancee continued to work part-time as a waiter, which brought in money, but four days before her quarantine ended, she also tested positive for COVID-19. This quarantined her and extended her quarantine, Karnowski said.

“I had just enough money to charge for all of our utilities, to keep everything up to date, to keep our lights on, to keep our water running,” Karnowski said. “Then we went from no September to no October to be here now. I thought I would be able to catch up, but keeping everything up to date and catching up is pretty hard to do.

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He only found out through his landlord last week, after two months without being able to pay the rent on the house the couple are renting. As part of the program, landlords also have the option to apply on behalf of tenants.

“I thought the programs were all gone or were very limited,” Karnowski said. “Now I’m here trying to get some help for the past two months. “

Karnowski said he suspects there are a lot of people who qualify for the program but just don’t know it. He suggested taking advantage of Baylor football games or other attention-grabbing events to get the word out in the community.

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