Mayor ‘confident’ NY will get more stimulus money under Biden

NEW YORK (1010 VICTORIES) — Mayor Bill de Blasio said he believes President-elect Joe Biden will get the struggling city the funding it needs to “get back on its feet.”

Asked about the implications of a new administration in Washington during an appearance on MSNBC Friday morning, de Blasio said he was confident the election results will have a positive impact on the city as it faces a budget crisis.

“I’m absolutely confident, and I’m confident that the vice president — or president-elect, should I say now — will get the stimulus that will help us get back on our feet,” de Blasio said. “Absolutely confident.”

The city faces a $9 billion deficit over the next two years and the state faces a $14.5 billion shortfall. New York leaders hope Biden will push for a massive multi-trillion dollar stimulus package in Congress that will help state and local governments.

De Blasio said the fact that Dr. Vivek Murthy was among the doctors chosen to co-chair Biden’s coronavirus task force also gives him hope.

The mayor said Murthy is “obviously going to be the big leader in the fight against COVID.”

“I have total confidence in him, a fantastic choice of president-elect,” de Blasio said. “It’s very clear, we’re going to see the national COVID strategy that we’ve been missing all these months. We’re going to focus on testing and focus on what kind of support we need and getting of a vaccine that people can believe in.”

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