Longview considers paid parking options as downtown parking fund empties | Government and Politics


The current activity in these car parks has rarely been sufficient to cover the associated costs. In June, for example, the parking fund reported $ 1,422 in tickets and $ 3,138 in parking permits.

Total fund expenses this month were $ 5,860, which resulted in a decrease in the fund balance of approximately $ 1,300. This caused the parking fund to lose money in June, the 15th consecutive month.

Gregg said part of the problem is that parking lots tend to be used more by employees or tenants who live above downtown stores. Customers prefer to use the street side parking as long as space is available.

“They will pass right by. In their mind, if you can’t park in front of the stores, there’s nowhere to park, ”said Gregg.

Business views divided on the future of parking

Cope sent a survey on parking costs and changes to downtown business owners in October. The anonymized results of his study will be shared with city officials, which will help guide the consultancy work the city is pursuing.

About 30 business owners responded to Cope’s survey on Tuesday. The future of downtown parking has divided them into three groups.

Cope said about a third of responses said the parking fund should be part of the city’s general fund, with no changes or added costs to the city center. The remaining responses were in favor of an increase in paid parking to some extent, although the details ranged from reducing free time limits to fully returning parking meters along Commerce Avenue.

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