Latest Release of Skyland PIMS® Advances IDBS’ Mission to Accelerate Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

BE MADEUK , April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global life sciences software company IDBS announces the latest version of its Skyland PIMS® software, which seamlessly combines product, process and patient data across the lifecycle. biopharmaceutical and supply chain life, providing insights that accelerate process understanding and ensure quality products. Skyland PIMS version 4.2 introduces new capabilities to accelerate biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing by removing data barriers and expanding statistical analysis to further improve process monitoring across all modalities, including cell and gene therapies, small molecules and vaccines.

Through its acquisition of Skyland PIMS, IDBS has created the first biopharmaceutical lifecycle management (BPLM) offering that supports therapies from process development to commercial manufacturing. Skyland PIMS is purpose-built on the cloud to manage and contextualize data throughout the clinical and commercial production phases of the biopharmaceutical lifecycle, dramatically accelerating time to analysis and advancing IDBS’ mission to reduce time, the cost and risk of bringing new therapies to market.

Skyland PIMS version 4.2 enables users to automate access to critical data through comprehensive data aggregation functionality and by extending its API with powerful new ways to directly access data from manufacturing systems, including LIMS , electronic batch records, historians, CAPA and MES systems. This allows users to schedule automatic retrieval of batch data and process parameter values ​​to monitor process variability and support timely analysis.

The latest release of Skyland PIMS also makes it easier for users to generate insights from biopharmaceutical manufacturing data with a new batch multiple regression analysis that leverages raw materials and product genealogy. Additionally, PIMS version 4.2 introduces Box-Cox data transformation functionality to normalize manufacturing data sets to surface insights, strengthen analysis, and identify out-of-trend processes or quality.

“It is exciting to introduce the latest version of PIMS knowing that the capabilities we are putting in the hands of manufacturing teams will continue to accelerate access to data enabling faster and better monitoring and analysis, thus accelerating the time patient expectation and improving quality of life,” mentioned Scott WeissVP Open Innovation, IDBS.

Additionally, Skyland PIMS enables efficient integration of data and process insights across the complex network of internal and external teams, sites, and partners that is prevalent in today’s manufacturing infrastructure. Backed by Skyland PIMS and IDBS’ BPLM ecosystem, drug sponsors and biopharmaceutical manufacturing partners streamline knowledge transfer with a persistent and dynamic data backbone that spans the entire product lifecycle, leading to a deeper understanding of processes and the design and monitoring of more scalable, robust systems and high-performance processes.

To learn more about this release, register and join the PIMS experts in an upcoming webinar on April 26, 2022.

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