Kyndryl advances hybrid cloud services through strategic partnerships

The technology sector known as “IT infrastructure services” is one of the least understood areas of enterprise technology. It’s partly the fault of tech vendors who use the term as a trash can to hold anything data center consulting offerings they prefer or promote. But more importantly, the difficulties in understanding or defining the meaning of infrastructure services reflect their continuous evolution.

Essentially, IT infrastructure services are designed to help businesses adopt and deploy complex solutions and tools and adapt or prepare for promising new technologies. This means that the form and intent of the offerings offered by service providers such as Kyndryl evolves according to the current and future needs of its customers.

In other words, understanding how service providers are adapting to these changes is more important than categorizing them into quickly outdated or redundant definitions. Kyndryl’s collaborations with strategic hybrid cloud partners are a good example of how this process works and can be successful.

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Kyndryl’s Hybrid Cloud Partnerships

Since its official launch last November, Kyndryl has announced more than 20 strategic partnerships. While many of them are focused on core enterprise infrastructure solutions, Kyndryl is also rapidly developing partnerships, expertise, and offerings in cloud and hybrid cloud.

These include alliances with three major cloud hyperscalers:Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud-as good as a strategic partnership with Red Hatof which Ansible Automation Platform will be the primary enterprise automation solution in Kyndryl’s infrastructure services portfolio.

During his call for most recent quarterly resultsKyndryl noted that he has begun to market cloud-related services tied to hyperscaler alliances, secured his first signings, and built a pipeline of over $1 billion in signing opportunities.

More recently, the company announced cloud-focused partnerships with Veritas and Oracle.

The relationship between Kyndryl and Veritas is designed to help businesses protect and recover their critical data in multi-cloud environments. Under the agreement, Kyndryl will provide enterprise customers with Veritas’ industry-leading data management portfolio as a fully managed service. These services include:

  • Security Assurance Services: Security, strategy and risk management, offensive security testing and compliance management.
  • Zero Trust Services: identity and access management, endpoint security, network security, application and workload security, data protection and privacy, analysis, automation and orchestration.
  • Security Operations and Response: Advanced threat detection, incident response and forensics.
  • Disaster Recovery Services: Cyber ​​Incident Recovery, Managed Backup Services, Hybrid Platform Recovery, and Data Center Design and Installations.

Kyndryl’s alliance with Oracle will help its customers by providing managed cloud solutions worldwide. To achieve these goals, Kyndryl will become a key delivery partner for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), building on its deep experience working with and supporting customers using Oracle products and services.

Kyndryl will leverage its participation in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) to expand the reach of its global cloud service delivery capabilities. As an Oracle partner, Kyndryl will focus on cross-industry services to help customers modernize their applications and databases for the cloud.

Key areas of service focus include resiliency and disaster recovery options leveraging OCI, network and edge computing capabilities. These capabilities will deploy Oracle’s Roving Edge infrastructure and Kyndryl’s managed services, Kyndryl’s IT-specific applied AI-enabled data analytics, and advanced database consolidation and migration. from on-premises ERP software to OCI.

Kyndryl also plans to offer new services that leverage Oracle technologies to help companies modernize and move their applications and databases to the cloud. Additionally, Kyndryl intends to create solutions in data modernization and governance, industry innovations focused on AI, cybersecurity and resiliency, and the transformation of mission-critical workloads to the cloud.

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Final analysis

Kyndryl’s Veritas and Oracle partnerships both focus on cloud solutions and services, but they are quite different individually. It seems fair to say that the former will essentially be an add-on to Kyndryl’s overall business since the company has already offers a range of security and resilience services.

The focus on multi-cloud is a solid strategic approach given the challenges enterprises face in securing and governing data in an increasingly fraught and hostile threat landscape. Overall, the resulting solutions will likely have an initial impact on companies already using or considering Veritas solutions, but could also lead to future opportunities and engagements for both companies.

The Kyndryl/Oracle relationship is much broader and more substantial. For one, it focuses on a broader range of solutions, services, and use cases. Moreover, it adds weight to the two companies’ long-standing efforts with mutual business customers. This is a solid foundation for building new global services and offerings leveraging both OIC and OPN.

However, it should also be noted that the form and implications of the collaboration would probably never have taken place when Kyndryl was part of IBM. While Oracle and IBM obviously share thousands of common customers (the pair’s leadership in their respective enterprise solutions categories has made that a reality), their businesses also overlap in many areas, including cloud computing. , giving the relationship more than a small advantage of ‘enemies’ or ‘coopetition’. Being or becoming a ‘key delivery partner for OCI’ would have been highly unlikely, if not impossible, for an IBM BU.

With these restrictions behind him, Kyndryl is now free to act and engage with any strategic ally he chooses. Working with the world’s largest IT infrastructure service provider should be a boon for Oracle’s cloud-focused, enterprise, and industrial businesses. Working with the market‘s leading enterprise database provider – which also offers a wide range of enterprise and cloud solutions – should pay substantial dividends for Kyndryl. Overall, this is likely to be an agreement that will bring substantial benefits to both companies, as well as their customers and partners.

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