Koim: Strong revenue improvement

The Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) says a significant amount of tax revenue was collected this year through a combined staff effort.

Commissioner General Sam Koim confirmed this last Friday during the official opening of a temporary tax center in Mt Hagen.

He said they (IRC) did well and collected what was collected throughout the year.

And that’s only in half the year.

“COVID-19 has taught us something useful, to transition to these business continuity and risk management strategies in continuing to serve our taxpayers because they are like our customers and their comfort and safety is more important and we have to provide that or they won’t come,” he said.

“Therefore, we are moving agents, opening an online payment portal, opening new IRC branches, wherever the businesses are located so that our taxpayers also have no excuse for not complying with their tax compliance obligations. .

“So that’s the kind of approach that we (IRC) are taking because we want to be versatile in meeting current and emerging challenges.”

Mr Koim said they collect a large tax from Mt Hagen where in a month they would reach K3million and sometimes K5million.

He said other ratepayers are based in Mt Hagen but are paying from Port Moresby and will be moving as part of one of the projects they have recently started; the taxpayer mapping project.

“We would like to bring registered ratepayers from Mt Hagen back to Mt Hagen,” he said.

“If the major projects (about 32) that we are launching materialize, we hope to triple or even quadruple.

“It’s the result of the fresh perspective of the IRC and the efficiency we bring to this organization.”

He also thanked the owner, Paul Ruing, for offering space for them to operate to ensure they have the facility to respond to any emergency that arises with their office in town and also in other highland provinces.

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