Gina Carano’s project after being fired from The Mandalorian

Few months ago, The Mandalorian he found himself without one of his most important recurring figures, Cara dune, according to the actress who played it, Gina Carano, has had a series of unfortunate comments about this policy in the United States. The actress compared those she saw as victims of the country’s less conservative movements with Jews persecuted by Nazism and her comments were defined as “Borrécibles” through Lucasfilm, who fired her.

Since then, the actress has managed to get new jobs. In recent days, he added the third accepted job offer for a movie. “I don’t think it’s getting any better than where I am now. I am very excited to make art “he said after making his deal for his new feature film.

Carano was chosen by the director Robert davi be part of my hunter son. The film will explore the relationship between Joe biden and his son Hunter Biden, involved in a series of scandalous transactions, including corruption. The film will be based on data extracted from a computer that belonged to Hunter Biden and it was rejected in a New Jersey workshop filled with critical data from the deals that would also reach the current President of the United States.

“I’m here on the set of my hunter son, the story of Hunter Biden and Joe biden. I am in Belgrade, Serbia, a very amazing place. I work with Laurent Renard, one of the most incredible humans I have met in 2020. So I am delighted to be here “, insured Carano. On the other hand, he pointed out his director, Robert davi, which he defines as “A leader without fear” and say what “Admired” for hiring her after being “canceled”.

Gina Carano’s other projects

For the former athlete of MMA My son Hunter It won’t be the only movie in your near future. In addition to the biographical film on the son of the US president, he closed two other roles. The first was made shortly after being fired by Disney and it was already shot: the film Terror in the meadow. The second still has no title and is a thriller about a woman who survives an assassination attempt by a serial killer.

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