GetBlock’s Node API Toolkit Eclipsed Self-Hosted Nodes in Performance and Cost-Effectiveness: Details

Technically, blockchain nodes are crucial parts of the global Web3 infrastructure: they provide the computing power needed to verify transactions and store them. Anyone can run a node on their own to support dApps and earn periodic rewards – but does that make sense right now?

GetBlock eliminates the need to run blockchain nodes. Why?

In April 2022, GetBlock experts decided to compare its performance and resource efficiency to that of private blockchain nodes.

As modern blockchain systems are increasingly sophisticated in terms of technical design and expensive in terms of maintenance and development, node operators must purchase or lease data centers. At least they have to configure powerful high-end computers to integrate as blockchain nodes.

Next, node operators need to customize their hardware equipment and install the Software. Although blockchain node software is generally free and open source, the owner of the blockchain node is the one responsible for keeping it up to date.

Additionally, running a blockchain node takes skills and human ressources. Some enthusiasts may start mining blockchain nodes as a hobby, but this system will lack scalability and will not be suitable for high-load decentralized systems.

Last but not least, this data center will consume electricity and – much like Proof-of-Work mining equipment – ​​will require special security, cooling systems, data protection modules, etc.

At the same time, running a blockchain node on your own can allow you to rent the “off-the-shelf” server for crypto operations and periodically earn validator rewards.

Blockchain Nodes API by GetBlock: plug-and-play solution for every dApp

By the way, there is a service of crypto-entrepreneurs and dApps developers can let all nodes do the heavy lifting. Launched in 2019, GetBlock has already established itself as a leading blockchain node API provider for various Web3 use cases.

GetBlock offers connection to shared and dedicated nodes of over 40 blockchains, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BNB Chain (BNB), Polygon (MATIC), Terra (LUNA), Fantom (FTM), and more.

GetBlock connects dApps to nodes easier than ever: once registered, users get an API code to use to send requests to blockchain nodes. This procedure is available even for crypto enthusiasts with basic skills.

For specific use cases, the GetBlock team can also deploy Archive Nodes (the data structures that store complete blockchain transaction history) and Blockchain Explorers (browsers for blockchains and distributed ledgers).

With GetBlock toolkits, Web3 fans can focus on the business development and technical progress of their dApps instead of spending resources on node management. GetBlock offers free pricing to demonstrate its opportunities. Paid pricing plans start from $6 while unlimited pricing plans with infinite requests available are offered for just $500/month.

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