Facebook publishes safety instructions for Afghans using its social media platform


As the Taliban take full control of Afghanistan, Facebook’s (FB) security policy chief Nathaniel Gleicher said on Friday that, like many others, FB users were watching the tragic events unfolding. were taking place in this war-torn country. While stating that his thoughts are with everyone on the ground and anyone trying to help these events unfold, Nathaniel Gleicher said that Facebook has put in place some security measures for people in Afghanistan in order to protect their accounts.

Facebook rolls out new security policies for Afghanistan

Facebook’s chief security officer said, “Over the past week, Facebook teams have been working around the clock to do whatever they can to help keep people safe. “

Noting that Facebook has launched a one-click tool that allows Afghans to quickly lock their accounts, he said: “When their profile is locked, people who are not their friends cannot upload or share their profile picture or view publications on their calendar. “

Giving our details, Gleicher said Facebook is rolling out Instagram pop-up alerts in Afghanistan with specific steps on how to protect his account.

“We have also temporarily removed the ability to view and search the ‘Friends’ list of Facebook accounts in Afghanistan to help protect people from targeted attacks,” he added.

The Facebook security official said it was important for Afghan journalists and activists to remember that FB is just one part of the online environment. A useful cybersecurity toolkit for journalists has also been launched, he added.

Facebook’s security chief said:

“We are working closely with our counterparts in industry, civil society and government to provide all possible support to help protect people. And we have established a special operations center to respond to new threats as they emerge. We know that no single step is enough on its own in crises like this, but we are closely monitoring developments and will take action to help protect people in real time. “

Taliban spokesman accuses FB of censorship for banning terror group

Earlier on Tuesday, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid denounced that Facebook was denigrating the Islamic group’s “right to free speech” by accusing the social media giant of banning them from the public platform.

Speaking to reporters in the Afghan capital Kabul, the Taliban spokesman lashed out at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, saying “people who claim to be free speech promoters” have deleted user accounts linked to it after the Islamic movement seized power in the Middle Eastern Country.

Mujahid complained that he could not post to Facebook as he questioned the tech firm’s decision to ban the Taliban on social media. He complained that the group couldn’t share anything on Facebook-owned platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Taliban spokesman has repeatedly castigated the tech giant as he held a conference at the Afghan government press center, housed in the seat previously occupied by Dawa Khan Meenapal, an Afghan government spokesman whom they murdered last week.

In his response to the complaint filed by the Taliban spokesman, the Facebook spokesperson, who declined to make personal comments, released an official statement on behalf of the company.

“The Taliban are sanctioned as a terrorist organization under US law and they are banned from our service under our dangerous organization policies. This means that we are removing accounts managed by or on behalf of the Taliban and prohibiting praise, support and representation of them, ”said the statement, obtained by several broadcasters.

Elaborating on the restrictions placed on the Taliban on Facebook, the company said it has a dedicated team of Afghan experts, who are native speakers of Dari and Pashto. These members were aware of the nature of the content shared on the platform and knew the local context, adding that content regulation legally adheres to the platform.

(Image: AP, Pixabay)

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