East Bay teacher shares tips for staying safe in schools – NBC Bay Area

A first grade teacher in Pittsburgh took to TikTok to help other teachers, parents and students feel safer at school after a shooting in Texas left 19 teachers and two teachers dead.

Kelsey Vidal has invested in a barracuda bar to block doors, a bulletproof backpack and medical supplies and recommends other teachers do the same. She began preparing for an active shooter scenario three years ago after undergoing active shooter training.

But says it was the Texas elementary school massacre that prompted her to make videos in hopes of helping others.

“It looks like I’m preparing for a war, but I’m going to school in a first-grade class,” the first-grade teacher said.

Vidal has been teaching at Los Medanos Elementary for three years and says both of her parents were in the medical field, so preparing is second nature to her.

NBC Bay Area’s Raj Mathai spoke to Ms. Kelsey Vidal, a first-grade teacher from Pittsburgh, about her TikTok videos about classroom safety amid school shootings.

But after witnessing the latest massacre and hearing from concerned colleagues and friends, she decided to take her safety lessons at tiktok

“I wanted to share with people what I had so they could start thinking about what they can get in their classrooms to feel a little safer,” Vidal said.

And the feedback has been non-stop with tens of thousands of views.

Some people thanked her, others gave her advice on how to improve her security toolkit – a kit that also includes a bulletproof backpack.

Parents say Vidal always went above and beyond.

“Ms. Vidal has always put her children first,” mother Nicole Terry said.

Terry’s son was one of Vidal’s former students and thinks school districts should provide these tools to teachers, so they don’t have to spend their own money just to feel safe.

“Knowing that she has this in her classroom makes it a safer place for my son, knowing that I’m not accessible to him if anything happens,” Terry said.

Vidal says she is now considering medical training – anything she can do to protect children who expect to learn in a safe environment.

NBC Bay Area contacted the Pittsburg Unified School District but did not hear back.

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