Distology, Nuvias and Exclusive Networks Expand Security Relationships

Security distributors across the channel continued to expand their portfolios and relationships to provide more options to their reseller partners.

The prevention of cyberattacks remains the number one concern of users and the chain reacts to this demand at all levels.

Distology has signed up three new vendors – data security player Fortanix, ThreatX with web application and API security, and zero-trust specialist Cyolo – to launch its multicloud cybersecurity portfolio.

Le distie conducted research that showed that not only are the vast majority of enterprises operating in a multicloud environment, but a significant number of them are not using security tools that could protect their data in this scenario. .

Lance Williams, chief product officer at Distology, said customers are moving forward with greater cloud adoption and the channel needs to be able to support them.

“The need to support organizational operations with a flexible and robust approach to cybersecurity has never been greater,” he said. “We are becoming increasingly dependent on being able to access systems on the move, which is the very reason why we need to ensure that our systems, and ultimately our data, are protected in a way that operates in our data centers, public cloud infrastructure and all software and platforms as a service [SaaS and PaaS] subscriptions we have.

“However, different people require different levels of access and permissions to systems and services, which means there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to protecting a multicloud environment. Instead, the solutions we need to secure our digital ecosystems must be designed to defend an evolving IT landscape and advances in threats.

Meanwhile, Nuvias has extended its relationship with GRC software player Exterro, with the vendor turning to the distie to provide DACH market coverage.

Nuvias will offer the company’s Forensic Tool Kit (FTK) platform, Incident & Breach Management and Smart Breach Review solutions through its distribution partners.

“Exterro’s GRC legal solutions fit perfectly into our security portfolio and are truly unique in providing an end-to-end solution that spans multiple GRC disciplines,” said Helge Scherff, Nuvias Group Regional Central Vice President. . “These solutions will enable our channel partners to provide their businesses, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, law firms and legal service providers with the means to meet their diverse privacy, compliance and security needs. incident response.

And at Exclusive Networks, the retailer continued its involvement with the launch of the Security Skills Fund launched at the RSA event with a decision to partner with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to help implement the cybersecurity awareness program.

The ICC has led its Trade for Prosperity initiative, and the distie will be involved in improving security literacy among the leaders of member organizations of the international business group.

Exclusive Networks will share its security expertise and knowledge with business leaders to quickly inform them of threats and the steps they can take to protect their data.

“Our mission is to lead the transition to a fully trusted digital world for all people and organizations,” said Jeper Trolle, CEO of Exclusive Networks. “To achieve this, we need to create an ecosystem of partners – a cybercoalition of volunteers, if you will – to help raise awareness, educate, inform, guide and advise organizations on how to combat the growing threat of cybercrime.”

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