Digicel Strengthens Disaster Recovery Regime, Announces Business Resiliency Webinar

Above: A map of storms in the Caribbean region by By AveryTheComrade (created using WikiProject Tropical cyclones / Tracks. Background image is from NASA. Tracking data is from the database Atlantic hurricane data from the National Hurricane Center, Public Domain, https: // commons .wikimedia.org / w / index.php? curid = 106657214).

December in the Caribbean marks the end of Atlantic hurricane season, and while hurricanes are not the end of all disasters, in the region they are a big part of disaster planning. So, with that in mind, Digicel Business welcomes Digicel Global Business Continuity Management Team President Nikima Royer Jno Baptiste to talk about disaster recovery and business continuity management for the webinar. Ahead of the Curve Business on Thursday December 16.e.

In 2021 alone, the region has seen natural and man-made disasters (like hurricanes, earthquakes, a volcanic eruption and, of course, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), and across it all. This, Nikima has led the charge, ensuring that all of Digicel’s 32 markets have a strong crisis response to ensure business continuity no matter what.

Liam Donnelly, Chief Commercial Officer, Digicel Group, said, “This month’s webinar is about how to become a more resilient business and how to protect your bottom line. Nikima was the CEO of Digicel Dominica in 2017 when they faced Hurricane Maria and its aftermath, and she knows all about defending a business from disaster and rebuilding after better. In this interview, she will share the importance of implementing an effective disaster recovery framework so that businesses can meet challenges and ensure business continuity. And this session will allow companies to plan their disaster recovery strategy for 2022 and beyond. “

Now, what does disaster recovery actually involve? Well, in the context of any business, it’s about enabling the recovery or continuation of a business in the event of a disaster. And in the case of Digicel, and many other businesses / industries that are critical in times of crisis, business continuity is not only important to bottom line, but also ensures the health and safety of the public.

With this session, Nikima will explain to viewers things like risk management and business resilience, as well as show how to easily and effectively implement plans to protect any business.

The Ahead of the Curve series aims to bring the best of the best directly to our professional audience and over the next few months the webinar series will explore digital transformations, social media and a number of other important topics that are essential for businesses today. .

Designed specifically for business decision makers and influencers, the sessions will be of particular benefit to entrepreneurs, IT / security directors and managers, CEOs / CFOs, and senior professionals in infrastructure, operations and digital transformation, the Ahead of the Curve series features candid conversations with solution experts and trade authorities from across the region. To register for the session, those interested can register here.

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