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Decatur, Ill. (WAND) – The leader told WAND News that the city of Decatur has a bright future.

On Friday, city council attended a meeting to discuss strategic goals for 2022. It was an opportunity to look back on what was done last year and plan for the future.

Decatur City Councilor said that the city of Decatur has seven key goals set for 2019. These goals include revitalizing neighborhoods, training the workforce, creating downtown destinations, improving of urban technology, the discovery of new sources of income, the improvement of sustainability on Lake Decatur and the improvement of equality. It will be. Access to resources for ethnic minorities.

“There is a lot of excitement with the decators, and one of the things that excites me the most is the quality of life that we are here. It’s here to find a nice neighborhood. It is a great place to settle down. I think the people have a city they can really be proud of, ”Horn said.

Horn told WAND that the city plans to focus next year on two specific areas: revitalizing the neighborhood and improving the local workforce. He believes that improving vocational training will help the city to develop while also bringing a good job to Decatur.

“I think what we’re seeing over the next couple of years is the focus on creating a synergistic effect between getting people into high paying jobs and revitalizing the areas in which they live. Horn explained.

Below are details on the seven strategic goal areas.

  1. Neighbor activation – We have developed several strategies related to the revitalization of our neighborhood. However, as mentioned earlier, many of the strategies used to achieve priority goals do not include metrics that allow you to gauge success. For example, even though “improved building demolition rates” have been achieved in the past two years compared to the past few years, the city has not tracked the death rate and the success of this strategy is less evident. The lack of a comprehensive neighborhood plan developed by community members is a substantial obstacle to the ultimate success of this goal, and one strategy that should be implemented immediately is the creation of such a plan.
  1. Develop, strengthen and better prepare your local workforce – The city of Decatur continues to experience a decrease in the workforce. The rate of decline of the labor force is even higher than the rate of population decline in cities. As more and more people decide where to live first and then find a place to work, community revitalization becomes even more urgent as a way to both improve quality of life and reverse declining poverty. population. .. Two additional strategies that can strengthen our local workforce are an expanded youth employment program and a reintegration program for those previously imprisoned.
  1. Take downtown Decatur to the next level – This target can be changed to encourage the growth of more destinations in the city. Our city’s urban parks can be the center of events in the neighborhood. Old malls are underutilized to recover from the loss of grocery stores and other businesses. There is an opportunity to create a unique destination in the city.
  1. Implement selected new technologies to improve municipal service delivery – We need to improve city websites, social media platforms and associated technologies and applications to give citizens access to city information. Whether you find a city code or learn about city initiatives such as COVID-19 funding for residents, the website and related apps have limited use. Significant improvements are needed in this area, with an emphasis on increasing public participation.
  1. Implement new revenue initiatives and cost savings – As the city’s population shrinks and costs rise, the city must find additional sources of income instead of raising taxes. Cannabis traffickers and other cannabis related businesses will increase income and employment in Decatur City. The city also has the opportunity to move towards energy independence. Establishing solar power generation in the Oakley Basin can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Finally, as climate change continues, cities have the opportunity to secure additional proprietary water sources that could attract new industries seeking water security.
  1. Work with other stakeholders to develop a coordinated plan for the management of Lake Decatur – The city of Decatur must implement the watershed planning recommendations and increase water supply in the face of global warming. Citizens can play an important role, with more citizens including committees focused on global climate change and expected impacts on the region and lake management. I need a meeting.
  1. Promote fair relationships -The city of Decatur is considered to have the greatest racial disparity in the country. There are significant differences in median income, education, unemployment, and homeownership between black and white Americans in Decatur. There are also long-term and short-term health inequalities, including differences in COVID-19 vaccination rates between races in our city. Of significant concern is that much of the gun violence in Decatur is committed by young black men. Strategies for fostering fair relationships may include joining the Decatur Public School Board of Trustees in declaring racism a public health crisis. Make sure city council policies and city ordinances do not reinforce racial disparities (i.e. Recognize and address racial disparities in policing. Provide a safe space for all citizens of Decatur (i.e. local police initiatives, more local cameras, mental health crisis counselors and social workers to help families with non-criminal issues).

Decatur City Council discusses strategic goals for 2022 | Top story

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