Case of the Disha Ravi toolbox: as the probe does not advance, the closing ratio can be an option


The investigation into the case against climate activist Disha Ravi, who was arrested in February by Delhi police as part of a toolkit on farmers ‘protests, ran into a roadblock, with neither Google nor Zoom responding to investigators’ requests.

Sources said Indian express this means that the police are unlikely to file an indictment against Ravi who was convicted under the IPC sections relating to sedition, promotion of enmity and criminal conspiracy. One of the options on the table, according to sources, is to file a close-out report.

Ravi, who was arrested at her Bengaluru home on February 13 and released on bail 10 days later by a Delhi court, has been accused of being a “key conspirator” in the dissemination of a toolkit under the form of a Google document on the protests of the farmers. , which was shared on Twitter by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. Mumbai-based lawyer Nikita Jacob and engineer Shantanu were accused of creating and editing the toolkit with her.

In the FIR filed by the Delhi police against the creators of the toolkit, it was alleged that its contents clearly showed that the January 26 “violence” in Delhi at a rally of tractors by farmers was a “conspiracy”. pre-planned ”aimed at attacking“ sovereignty ”and“ security ”.

Police alleged that Ravi helped draft the toolkit and collaborated with the “pro-Khalistani group Poetic Justice Foundation” to spread “disaffection against the Indian state”.

However, eight months later, the investigation has stalled, senior officers told The Indian Express. A Cyber ​​Cell officer said he wrote to the US video communications platform Zoom in February itself, but received no response.

“We found out that Ravi and Nikita Jacob were said to have been on a Zoom call with Mo Dhaliwal of PFJ, who is based in Canada, before the January 26 violence at Fort Rouge, and needed details of the call, but US officials did not respond. We cannot send them time-limited notices because they are not in India. Jacob and Shantanu both work for the British organization Extinction Rebellion. We also tried to contact their organization, but that also did not lead anywhere, ”said the officer.

Investigators faced the same problem when they contacted Google for information on the document, we learn.

Investigators also learned that they interviewed Ravi after she was released on bail, but were unable to conclusively link her to the “criminal conspiracy” behind the January 26 violence.

Sources said the investigation team was exploring options, including a close-out report. “We did not file the indictment because we were unable to receive more information and documents necessary to continue the investigation. A final report will be tabled soon, ”sources said.

On February 23, Extra Sessions Judge Dharmender Rana granted Ravi bail, observing that “citizens are the guardians of the conscience of government in any democratic nation” and “cannot be put behind bars just because that they choose to disagree with the policies of the state ”, and that the“ offense of sedition cannot be invoked to serve the wounded vanity of governments ”. He also noted that the police “resistance to the request for bail appears to be more of an ornamental nature.”

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