AVM Cloud Introduces Fusion-Hybrid Cloud Solution to Address Business Continuity Issues

KUALA LUMPUR: As more and more local organizations move to cloud computing operating models, AVM Cloud Sdn Bhd (AVM Cloud) calls for more focus on business continuity so that there are roadmaps and ready processes that support operations in times of the unexpected.

Its CTO Kenny Lim (left in main photo) said effective business continuity plans enable organizations to respond quickly and effectively to unpredictable events.

“Business continuity ensures organizations maintain resilience by responding quickly to disruptions; which saves money, time and reputation, as extended outages can be costly and risk damaging financial and business reputation,” Kenny said.

“Rapid disaster recovery and business continuity ensures that individual organizations can continue to perform their essential functions while providing core competencies during disruptions,” he added.

Due to industry feedback, the company recently introduced its AVM Fusion-Hybrid Cloud solution to meet the disaster recovery and business continuity needs of its customers in various industries, such as banking and financial services, l education, retail and food and beverage.

The solution essentially offers hybrid cloud data protection that backs up and replicates data as well as on-premises systems. In the event of data loss, its customers are entitled to directly restore data from local servers.

“After a major disaster occurs, all of your critical data and system will be powered by AVM Cloud to ensure your business continuity with optimal disaster response and backup recovery performance,” Kenny said.

The AVM Fusion-Hybrid Cloud solution is based on an operational expenditure (OPEX) model, which means it saves organizations substantial capital expenditure (CAPEX) and is “charged at a fraction of the cost” until disaster recovery is needed.

The standard plan includes 10 days of use per year, after which users would then benefit from a pay-as-you-go system.

Moreover, it comes with shared internet bandwidth of up to 100 Mbps for data backup and replication on AVM Cloud.

This is a reassuring proposition for organizations as the AVM Cloud platform is already ISO-27001 certified and is on its way to being PCI-DSS and CyberSecurity Alliance (CSA) certified. Zones are hosted in TIME dotCom’s three wholly owned data centers with ISO-27001; ISO-9001 and PCI-DSS3.2 certified.

AVM Cloud is a subsidiary of TIME dotCom, renowned for its national and global connectivity infrastructure in Malaysia and regionally on its 100% fiber optic network.

“What we also bring to the table is the TIME Cloud Interconnect Direct (TCID) value proposition to provide customers with faster and more secure direct connections compared to conventional public internet connections,” Kenny said.

Conventional cloud connectivity over the Internet is generally based on “optimal access to cloud providers” and tends to reduce network performance, throughput, security, and lack of SLAs.

“TCID uses our MEF 3.0-certified Metro Ethernet network to provide enterprises with dedicated interconnection to major cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. It enables secure data transmission, stable and uninterrupted connectivity and minimizes the risk of data breach, forming a solid foundation for a multicloud ecosystem,” said Kit Au, Executive Vice President of TIME dotCom (enterprise). (right in main photo).

“As more enterprises adopt hybrid cloud architectures to accelerate digitalization, secure and private interconnection is a proven strategy for reaching public cloud services efficiently and consistently,” he added. .

The main advantages of TCID are:

  • Recognized worldwide: enjoy the benefits of an MEF 3.0 certified network

  • Secure: Strengthen cloud security with a dedicated network

  • Fast and reliable: Enjoy easy and seamless access to cloud service providers

  • Fast delivery: Quickly connect to cloud service providers by leveraging existing infrastructure

Source: AVM Cloud

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