Amber Beverage Group announces new names for its production companies


In order to expand its presence as a global producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages, Amber Beverage Group (ABG) continues to rename its companies by adding an additional “Amber” brand of recognition. These changes will not affect business continuity and a smooth transition period is expected by May 1, 2022.

To ensure that the company name remains at the forefront of customers’ minds, ABG will make changes to the following companies that are already part of the Amber Beverage group:

  • The Baltic States’ leading producer of alcoholic beverages, Latvijas balzams, will become Amber Latvijas balzams;
  • The largest producer of Lux and Alpha spirits in Russia, Talvis, will become Amber Talvis;
  • One of the oldest spirits producers in Russia, Permalko, will become Amber Permalko;
  • Leading tequila distiller Fabrica de Tequilas Finos to become Amber Production Tequila;
  • The third largest alcohol producer in Estonia, Remedia, will become Amber Production Remedia.

“We have grown a lot in recent years. This growth was achieved through organic growth, showcasing our products around the world, as well as through the acquisition of several companies. We have gone from a Baltic company to a global organization with a world-class infrastructure, ”said Jekaterina Stuge, CEO of Amber Beverage Group.

“In the beginning, when we acquired companies, we decided that we needed each to keep its own identity and its own culture. Now, with our ambitious new growth plan in place to become one of the top 10 global players in the spirits industry, we are adjusting our thinking to standardize the Amber culture, excellent execution standards and branding. around the world, ”concluded Jekaterina Stuge.

Artur Evart, General Counsel of Amber Beverage Group, added: “By renaming the majority of the ABG companies, we will be more united and able to take our brand awareness to the next level. All in all, the project is very exciting and we were keen to make sure everything went on schedule with our colleagues and partners. We have involved various experts: legal, IT, public relations, HR, finance and others to ensure the proper coordination of this program. We are convinced that these changes will bring many benefits to our companies: larger orders, new customers and several development projects. “

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