Accessible and open source security for developers

At Virtru, we believe that the ability to share data securely is essential and that privacy is a human right that must be protected. It’s a mission we’ve stuck to since we started in 2011, and we see supporting over 7,000 organizations worldwide to protect their most valuable asset, their data, with Zero-Trust security and Powerful, granular policy controls that tie identity to data, wherever it travels.

Today, Virtru offers developers a new way to integrate security directly into their own applications. Our new open source project, OpenTDF, enables developers to build Zero Trust data controls directly into the applications they build. Developers can access the OpenTDF project on GitHub.

OpenTDF is a versatile security toolkit that can be used to manage sensitive data as it travels through documents, IoT sensors, video streams, and multi-party analytics. Here are examples of how developers can take advantage of OpenTDF:

  • Protection of Protected Health Information (PHI): Applications integrating OpenTDF can enable patients to securely share medical records and documentation with healthcare providers while maintaining control over their own health information.
  • Redact the contents of a document: OpenTDF can be used to cryptographically enforce document redaction and secure specific parts of text based on the security rights of the person viewing the document.
  • Secure data relayed by IoT sensors: OpenTDF enables granular access controls down to the packet level while preserving the integrity of that data, preventing data spoofing.
  • Encrypt chat and video conferencing in real time: Protect message content with end-to-end encryption to maintain confidentiality and protect sensitive or proprietary business information.
  • Integrate OpenTDF with other platforms: OpenTDF can integrate with Apache Kafka to secure end-to-end data event streams from ingestion to consumption.

OpenTDF is based on the Trusted Data Format (TDF), created by Virtru co-founder and CTO, Will Ackerly. TDF has long been an open specification for secure data sharing in the intelligence community, and the release of OpenTDF makes key TDF features more accessible to public and private sector developers, allowing them to integrate security and privacy in their apps from scratch. .

“Just as PDF helped accelerate the sharing of digital documents, TDF is fast becoming the standard method for securely sharing sensitive data. TDF keeps rightful owners in sovereign control of the information they share, regardless of file type, originating application or authentication mechanisms. Will Ackerly, CTO and co-founder of Virtru.

We look forward to seeing what you create with OpenTDF. You can learn more about OpenTDF here. To start building, access our GitHub repository here.

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