76% of organizations experienced downtime and data loss in 2021

Acronis has released its 2022 Annual Cyber ​​Protection Week Report. The report surveyed more than 6,200 IT users and managers from small and large businesses in 22 countries. It exposes some of the most critical gaps emerging in cyber protection practices today, examines why they arise, and offers guidance on how to fix them.

A key finding from last year was that 80% of organizations were using up to 10 solutions simultaneously for data protection and cybersecurity. Yet more than half of them experienced downtime due to data loss. Obviously, more solutions do not translate into more protection.

This year, that trend is getting worse: while 78% of organizations worldwide are using up to 10 different solutions, 76% of organizations have experienced downtime due to data loss, an increase of 25 % compared to 2021. These downtimes come from several sources, including system crashes (52%), human error (42%), cyberattacks (36%) and insider attacks (20%).

As a result, 61% of IT teams in global organizations now say they prefer integrated solutions that replace their complex stacks of cybersecurity and data protection tools with a single, unified console.

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