How to keep money in a disciplined way

Many people have tremendous difficulty saving money and often find themselves in financial difficulties. With the economic stability Brazil has gained since the 1990s, it is easier to learn how to store money. You need to have proper financial planning and do not fall into temptation, resist bravely the habits that drain your finances and leave you in the network. But fear: this is easier than it seems. Want to learn how to discipline yourself and how to save money? Follow the tips below:

List your fixed accounts


We all have fixed accounts that we pay every month, regardless of what we do. To learn how to save money, you need to start by calculating your basic spending. Gas, gas, rent, gasoline, food and taxes or whatever you have, such as cable TV accounts or gym if applicable.

That way, you can already exclude this money from your salary. And then you know for sure when to spare and how much better plan for how much and when to spend. A very common mistake is to think about your full pay, regardless of that output, and then lose out on expenses.

Renegotiate your debts

Renegotiate your debts

Healing your debts is the best way to save money. The interest rates charged by overdrafts or credit cards are absurdly high and the biggest reason many people lose their financial control. So, get rid of your debts first: it’s critical to start saving money and getting out of the hole.

Did you get money? Keep it!

If you want to find out the best ways to know how to store money, know that keeping all that remains is a basic attitude. If you have received your income tax refund, no-limit bonus or any unexpected money, do not fall into the temptation to spend everything by traveling or changing cars: spare. Thus, you will have to reserve for times of need and will not need to create new debts at the time of tightening.

Restructure your programs

Did you get money? Keep it!

If you have some costly habits, such as spending a lot on restaurants or nightclubs on weekends, buying expensive food or drinks or just riding a car, it can be interesting and even fun to change your habits and discover yourself in different ways. A good way to save on fuel is to start riding a bike or even walk the shortest distances. If you have good buses passing your door, there’s no harm in using them, is there?

and your weekend usually drains your salary and you really want to know how to save money, think of new programs: going to the beach, if you live on the coast, or have a picnic in a park are free programs and also very beneficial habits for who has them. You may surprise yourself and like even more. It may also be nice to start eating fruits, and, why not, start cooking and preparing meals. It is economy associated with a new pleasure!

By following these tips, you will learn how to save money in the most natural and simple way possible. More than an effort, having a financial plan is a habit that you can acquire and include in your daily life without major problems. Do not waste more time and start now: there is no better feeling than waking up without debt!



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